Until now it has been very difficult to find a law firm that provides both litigation and pre-litigation services. Cohn & Dussi’s unique, hybrid approach provides our clients with a total collection solution along with the power and protection of a law firm.

As a client of Cohn & Dussi, LLC you will have an elite team of debt collectors, dedicated auditors, and national network of professional attorneys in your corner.

As a law firm, we hold ourselves to the highest of ethical standards designed to protect and serve our clients in an effective manner. We have the professional resources to stay current with the regulatory changes in the industry, and we are equipped to comply with these changes.

As a client of Cohn & Dussi, LLC you will have the resources you need to ensure your entire accounts receivable process remains compliant while performing at the highest level.

To be effective, we know that the flow of information is a vital part of the attorney/client relationship. We also believe that our clients should know everything being done with respect to their accounts. In the spirit of transparency, we open the same system our collectors and attorneys use to work all collection matters up to our clients so that they may view their claims, pull valuable financial reports, and communicate directly with the person working each of their claims. Our web portal, the Client Update & Entry System (CLUES), delivers not only the answers you need, but the peace of mind that we are working your claims effectively.