Our AR recovery strategy is unlike any other in the industry, bringing the best of both worlds – persistent collectors and industry-leading attorneys.   Our clients enjoy quicker collections, less time spent in court, and unprecedented transparency for our clients.

STEP 1: Thorough research is done to confirm the contact information you have provided, locate the debtor, uncover assets and search public records to ensure we are armed with all information necessary to effectively collect what you’re owed.

STEP 2: Demand letters go out from our law office, on our firm’s letterhead.  This sends up an immediate red flag with debtors that you have escalated your collection efforts to the highest level.

STEP 3: Our in-house collection team, comprised of collectors and attorneys, works collaboratively to contact your debtor and recover what you are owed.

STEP 4: If we are unsuccessful in collecting, for whatever reason, we may recommend that you file a law suit against your debtor.  Upon your approval, your case will be placed with a collection attorney in the debtor’s state, and we will see it all the way through litigation.  A dedicated Litigation Services representative will be assigned to your case to work with you directly on all of your questions and concerns, manage the workflow with local counsel, and ensure you are kept apprised of all case movement.

Our process is designed to ensure seamless transition of all vital information pertaining to each case, thorough claim management and monitoring, and smooth navigation of your case through the court system.